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Intangible Capital Value

Our core business: intangible capital valuation

You want to be guided for your invention declaration or inventor’s form :

Your Intangible Capital value is composed of Swat Equity, Intellectual Property and Free Cash. The IP Plan allows you to consolidate your assets and provide guarantees and thanks to our expertise: you can use our renderings worldwide and secured in a private blockchain.

Intellectual Property Protection Plan – IP Plan

Isolate high value-added information

Validate the high commercial value, the original character or the patentability

  • Verify the state of the art and keep the secret
  • Draft the patent or the know-how to protect
  • File the patent or the token
  • Registration number with a filing date and / or token
  • Protect the information by a patent or a token
  • Ensure a continuity plan and provide a guarantee

To carry out a watch to identify the parasitisms, copies or counterfeit

The report according to the country

Defend yourself and protect your value with an insurance coverage or your cash flow.
The IP Plan is necessary to identify, protect and maintain the value of the innovations that engage the company’s R&D expenses.

This work serves as well for your brand strategy, to consolidate your valuation, to optimize your business model, to be integrated to the Due Diligence of fund raising or sale.

  • Protecting your intellectual property
  • Look to start your IP plan
  • Trademark: defense, filing, availability
  • Patent: defense, filing OR availability
  • Company: balance sheet, relationship with other companies, solvency
  • Technology: Patent, trade secret, R&D
  • State of the art: Patent, trade secret, R&D
  • Note global database and quick response

We apply international working rules to harmonize, evaluate, position, analyze and develop a post-harmonization IP strategy.

The operational impact is immediate with a substantial documented increase in KPIs.
You want to protect an innovation that allows you to create value or according to the EU definition “has a strong commercial impact”:

  • Software
  • Processes, methods, know-how, technical documentation
  • 3D creation, schematics and plans, design, video games
  • Mobile applications
  • Fonts
  • Libraries/libraries
  • Multimedia works
  • Operating systems
  • Audio works
  • Website
  • Data base
  • Software




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