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Intangible Capital Value

Our core business: intangible capital valuation

Explanatory publication Valuing intangible capital

Which method to choose for the financial valuation ?

And the valuation of the intangible capital to argue the value with the monitoring to have robust data.

The financial valuation can be done by connecting the bank account, your CRM or financial datalake for our back office to issue a first result.


You can click to validate your situation which gives you a result in terms of method

> The multiples method
> The value of return method
> Discounted Cash Flow
> Net Asset Value

    Is the company currently profitable

    Is the company experiencing strong growth?

    Is it a startup

    Will the company soon be profitable

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    Provide your auditor with a solution that allows an increase in your equity: increase your borrowing capacity, optimize your financial rating, provide a guarantee, reassure your customers!

    The monitoring allows an optimization as for more than 5000 startup and SME with a remuneration adapted to the companies with strong growth.


    Ratios, KPIs and central bank ratings help validate your bank’s response: put all the chances on your side with your fair value.

    Detailing your needs and we do the rest in your country or abroad.

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