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Intangible Capital Value

intangible capital valuation

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Valorization of intangible capital



Albedo One, an innovative SME, is developing a plastics recycling management solution. To find the market fit, the company targets two potential markets: industrial companies and local authorities. It validates the psychological price with potential customers and identifies five early customers adopt . The 24-month work schedule plans to develop the solution and market it to early stage customers. adopters , to collect their feedback and to extend the activity to new markets.

Summary :

  • Potential markets: industrial companies and local authorities
  • Psychological price: validation with potential customers
  • Early customers adopters : identification among companies engaged in CSR
  • Work schedule: 24 months
    • First 6 months: market research, price validation, identification of early customers adopt
    • Next 6 months: collection of feedback, marketing to other customers
    • Next 6 months: expansion into new markets, development of new products and services


The valorization of intangible capital and the reduction in risks that accompany it over 6 to 24 months make it possible to structure an innovative company in several ways:

  • Strengthen the competitiveness of the company
  • Facilitate access to financing
  • Improve business management

The specific actions that innovative companies can take to structure their activity by relying on the valorization of intangible capital and the reduction of risks are as follows:

  • Develop an intellectual property strategy
  • Implement a risk management system
  • Strengthen internal and external communication

Albedo Two , a microsatellite manufacturing company, is developing a new product: a microsatellite equipped with a temperature sensor capable of measuring the temperature of the Earth’s atmosphere with an accuracy of 0.1°C. The product is under development and is expected to be ready for commercialization within the next 12 months.

To finance the go-to- market , Albedo Two is considering the following options:

  • Self-financing
  • Private investors
  • Public funding

The canvas matrix can be used for Albedo Two in the following way:

  • Customer segment: businesses and organizations that need accurate data on the temperature of the Earth’s atmosphere
  • Value proposition: measurement accuracy of 0.1°C
  • Distribution channels: direct sales via website and reseller network
  • Customer relations: personalized customer support
  • Key resources: microsatellite engineering and manufacturing skills
  • Key activities: product development, manufacturing and marketing
  • Key partnerships: companies specializing in data collection and analysis
  • Structural costs: development, manufacturing, marketing and sales

Depending on the financing options chosen, Albedo Two will have to adapt its marketing and sales strategy.
To validate its product idea, the company should conduct market research and test the product with a small group of early customers. adopt .
To finance the go-to- market , the company should write a solid business plan and identify its competitors and their strategies.
To develop an effective marketing and sales strategy, the company should define its marketing and sales objectives.
Albedo Two has significant potential with its new product. By implementing a solid strategy, the company has every chance of success.

ICV app Equity

ICV app Gold – EQUITY

The venture capital investment process is a long and complex process. It requires careful preparation on the part of the entrepreneur and the investor. ICV App can be a valuable tool for entrepreneurs looking to obtain venture capital funding.

The main stages of the venture capital investment process are:

  • Preliminary assessment
  • Investor Deck
  • Due diligence
  • Letter of Intent
  • Closing

The valorization of intangible capital is important for companies because it allows them to:

  • Negotiate larger fundraising
  • Protect intellectual property
  • Communicate effectively with investors
  • Identify priority investment areas

In summary, the valorization of intangible capital is an essential tool for the growth and profitability of businesses.

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ICV app PI & deposit protection

ICV app IP Plan

The valorization of intangible capital makes it possible to protect the know-how and technology of an innovative company in several ways:

  • Securing intellectual property rights
  • Strengthen competitive position
  • Increase business value

Specific actions that innovative companies can take to enhance their intangible capital are as follows:

  • Carry out an inventory of intangible assets
  • File patents, trademarks, etc.
  • Communicate about their intangible capital

ICV app Deposit : Intangible capital valuation is a process that identifies, quantifies and evaluates the value of a company’s intangible assets. These assets include know-how, technology, trademarks, patents, designs, etc.
The valorization of intangible capital is important for innovative companies because it allows them to:

  • Protect the company’s intellectual property rights. By filing patents, trademarks, etc., the company can prove that it is the legal owner of its know-how and technology. This allows it to protect its assets against unauthorized copying or use.
  • Strengthen the competitive position of the company. Intangible assets can be a key success factor for innovative companies. They allow the company to differentiate itself from its competitors and to develop unique products or services.
  • Increase business value. Intangible assets represent a significant part of the value of an innovative company. By promoting them, the company can improve its ability to attract investors or carry out mergers and acquisitions.
  • Concretely, the valorization of intangible capital can result in the following actions:
    • Carry out an inventory of intangible assets. The company must identify all its intangible assets, including those that are not protected by intellectual property rights.
    • File patents, trademarks, etc. The company must register intellectual property rights on the most important and strategic intangible assets.
    • Communicate about your intangible capital. The company must make its intangible capital known to its customers, partners and investors.

Albedo Three , a SAAS software company for civil aviation regulation, must protect its intellectual property to protect against competition, counterfeiting and theft.

To do this, the company can take the following measures:

  • Define a clear and concise intellectual property policy.
  • Register your IP assets with a patent office.
  • Use license and non-disclosure agreements (NDAs).
  • Implement physical and digital security measures.

By protecting its intellectual property, Albedo Three can benefit from the following advantages:

  • Secure your investment in R&D.
  • Gain a competitive advantage.
  • Increase its value.

In the specific case of Albedo Three , the company must also take into account the specifics of civil aviation regulations.
By following this advice, Albedo Three can protect its intellectual property and position itself as a leading player in the civil aviation regulatory market.

Concrete examples :

  • Insert the patent number in the contractual documentation.
  • Submit innovations to a trusted ISO 27001 recognized third party.

By taking proactive steps to protect its intellectual property, Albedo Three can give itself the best chance of success.

DCF vs Intangible Capital

Albedo Four, a restaurant franchise, wants to finance its growth outside the country. The valorization of its intangible capital (brand, know-how, etc.) made it possible to convince potential investors, raise 9 million euros and win 10 franchises.

In conclusion, the valorization of intangible capital is an essential tool for companies wishing to develop.

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Albedo Five, a software company, was able to overcome a period of growth and a difficult competitive environment by optimizing its product, accelerating its turnover and raising funds. These measures have enabled the company to position itself as a major player in the market.

Here are the specific measures taken by Albedo Five:

  • Product optimization: The company collected customer feedback to identify the most important features.
  • Acceleration of turnover: The company implemented a more aggressive sales and marketing strategy.
  • Fundraising: The company organized a fundraising with private investors.

As a result of these measures, Albedo Five obtained the following results:

  • The sales cycle was divided by five.
  • The company is becoming a major player in the European market.

Forecasting and testing market

Albedo Six, a start-up company, must convince potential investors of its growth potential. The financial forecast is a key element of this approach, but it can easily be called into question by investors.

To strengthen the credibility of its financial forecast, Albedo Six can set up testing market . Testing _ market is a technique that allows you to test a product or service with a group of potential customers.

The results of the testing market can be used to answer investors’ objections about the company’s ability to generate sales, produce at scale and finance its working capital requirements.

By setting up testing market , Albedo Six can strengthen the credibility of its financial forecast and increase its chances of convincing potential investors.

Simple valuation without innovative asset

Contribution of shares to a holding company

When you want to contribute the shares of a company to a holding company, it is necessary to carry out a valuation of the contributed company. This valuation must be carried out by an accounting firm or an independent business valuation firm.

The accounting firm or business valuation firm will conduct a thorough study of the contributed company. This study will take into account the following elements:

  • The assets and liabilities of the contributed company
  • The financial results of the contributed company
  • The development prospects of the contributed company

The accounting firm or business valuation firm will then use different valuation methods to determine the value of the contributed company. The most commonly used valuation methods are the following:

  • The comparables method
  • The yield method
  • The replacement costs method

The value of the contributed company will then be communicated to the partners or shareholders of the contributed company.

Business transfer

ICV is an expert in business valuation. It accompanies several hundred business transfer operations each year, both from the seller’s side and the buyer’s side.
ICV valuation services offer several advantages:

  • Updated market value benchmarks, to determine a fair value of the company.
  • Several valuation methods, to take into account the different factors that contribute to the value of the company.
  • A detailed discussion support, to justify the value retained and to guide negotiations.

    ICV finds that the value of the company changes by 5 to 18% in the desired direction when supported by a valuation document.

    Partnership separation

    ICV accompanies partners in the context of their separation of capital in a company. Its valuation services offer several advantages:

    • A factual and detailed valuation, according to different valuation methods.
    • A reasoned discussion support, taking into account the risks and opportunities of the takeover.
    • A quick and confidential process.

    A reference document that can be used in case of legal proceedings.

    ICV valuation services are adapted to conflict or peaceful situations. They help to protect the interests of each partner and the sustainability of the company.

    Valuation of a business

    The valuation of a business is an important step in the context of a sale, acquisition, or financing negotiation. It allows to determine the value of the business, taking into account its tangible and intangible elements.

    Tangible elements are the tangible elements of the business, such as real estate, equipment, inventory, and goods. They are generally valued based on their net book value, or their fair value if the net book value is zero or almost zero.

    Intangible elements are the intangible elements of the business, such as customer base, brand, leasehold, patents, and licenses. They are generally evaluated using more complex methods, such as discounted cash flow (DCF) or economic capital (CE) method.

    The choice of the most appropriate valuation method depends on several factors, such as the industry, the size of the business, and the objectives of the valuation.

    It is recommended to call on a business valuation expert to carry out the valuation of a business. The expert will have the skills and experience necessary to choose the most appropriate valuation method and to carry out a reliable valuation.

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