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    You are an entrepreneur or an individual wishing to benefit from a protection on the products and services you offer? It is an important part of your intangible capital that must be protected and in the same way as the registration number of your business secret or copyright. Your lawyer will use the registrations for your trademark contract and the risk will be controlled for valuation and insurance.

    Is it useful to register a trademark?
    What are the rights granted to the owner of a trademark?
    How to use the registration for the contract, your commercial argument or the valorization ?
    To be registered, the trademark must :
    - Be available: search for anteriority of the trademark
    - Be distinctive: the trademark must identify the company
    - Be able to be described in words
    - Be legal
    - Not be contrary to good morals

    You must choose the country of registration:

    In order to know you better and to orientate the offer, 5 preliminary questions:

    1. Have you performed an intellectual property audit?

    2. Do you wish to financially value your intangible capital?

    4. Did you check the availability?


    And the application process

    Examination period Opposition period Registration
    Receipt of the Publication of the End of the period Publication of the application opposition application registered mark

    Your application can be refused: you can modify the application with additional fees and once the period is over, the trademark owners can take infringement action against you.

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