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Technology, Demand, Fund and Human Readiness Levels

    TRL: Technology Readiness Levels

    TRL stands for Technology Readiness Level. This term is often used in the TRL scale. It is commonly used in the industry, especially in the world of technology news. DRL stands for Demand Readiness Level, a grid built on the TRL model.

    TRL or Technology Readiness Level
    The TRL scale is broken down into nine key stages that make it possible to evaluate the level of maturity of a technology before it is integrated into a complete system and industrialized. It follows the innovation throughout its evolution, from the simple idea to the market launch.

    The TRL index
    The TRL index allows us to measure the level of technological maturity of an invention, an innovation or a technology. This allows us to limit the risks, but also to identify the technical obstacles in order to optimize the stages of research and development in terms of budget, development, search for partners, etc. The index is based on nine progressive levels that are used to describe the maturity of the innovation. On this scale, the first level corresponds to a project still at the "simple idea" stage, while the ninth level is equivalent to a project "already on the market".

    The use of the index
    The Technology Readiness Level index is also called the "technology maturity level index" of a project. When an innovation is conceived, it cannot be applied immediately: it is not yet mature. All new technologies are therefore subject to testing and experimentation processes, optimization and realistic simulations that can go as far as the production of a demonstrator (level 6 and 7 of the TRL scale). Once the technology has been approved (TRL levels 8 and 9), the innovation is considered ready to be marketed or to be integrated into a system (or sub-system).

    DRL: Demand Readiness Levels

    DRL or Demand Readiness Level
    The DRL grid is based on the TRL model and proposes its own version of the maturity scale of a concept on the market. Although the notion of market is intended for products destined for the market, it can be extended to the internal market and therefore to the company's organization.

    The DRL Index
    The DRL grid and its index make it possible to identify innovations that could potentially encounter problems of appropriation. To do this, it also sets up a rating of nine levels that allow the concept to be positioned. The first level corresponds to a "known" concept while the last level is an "unknown" concept. If a concept is rated from 1 to 3, it is therefore considered to be in "breakthrough".

    FRL: Fund Readiness Levels

    HRL: Human Readiness Levels

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