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Strategic Management of Intangible Capital: Intangible Capital Value’s Comprehensive Solution for Innovative Companies

Published on: 05/15/2024
By: Erwan Coatnan de Kerdu

In a world increasingly focused on innovation and digitization, effective management of intangible capital has become essential for companies. Intangible assets, such as patents, trademarks, software, and copyrights, play a crucial role in creating value and sustainable growth. However, managing these assets requires sophisticated tools and recognized expertise to maximize their potential.

The tools developed by ICV (Intangible Capital Value) not only enable the valuation of this capital but also reduce risks, save time, and provide six vital advantages for competitiveness and growth. Each step of the process – from protecting ideas to market validation and financial optimization – is critical to achieving strategic business objectives. A rigorous and integrated approach is essential to ensure that each phase is executed optimally, thereby minimizing risks and maximizing results.

ICV stands out for its recognized expertise in intangible capital management and offers a comprehensive suite of tools: ICV app Gold, ICV deposit, and ICV Testing Market. These tools are designed to meet specific needs at each stage of product development and commercialization, providing a holistic solution for innovative companies.

This text explores in-depth the functionalities and benefits of ICV app Gold, ICV deposit, and ICV Testing Market, and their connection to the dynamic valuation of intangible capital through the various phases of product development and commercialization. By integrating these tools into their processes, companies can not only protect and value their intangible assets but also strengthen their competitive position and drive growth.

Overview of ICV Tools

ICV app Gold

ICV app Gold is a monitoring tool for the fair value of intangible assets. It allows companies to track the valuation of their intangible assets, such as patents, trademarks, and software, in real-time. This tool is crucial for assessing the financial impact of intangible assets on the overall value of the company and for making informed strategic decisions.

ICV app Gold offers a detailed and real-time view of the value of intangible assets, incorporating key metrics and comparative analyses. This enables companies to:

  • Identify valuation trends.
  • Compare the performance of intangible assets against industry benchmarks.
  • Make decisions based on accurate and up-to-date data.

By providing continuous and detailed evaluation, ICV app Gold helps companies maximize the value of their intangible assets, thereby improving their market position and attractiveness to investors.

ICV deposit

ICV deposit focuses on protecting intellectual property. By allowing companies to file and secure their inventions and creations, this tool ensures that intellectual assets are protected against copying and unauthorized use. It simplifies the process of filing and managing intellectual property rights, which is essential for maintaining the company’s competitive advantage.

ICV deposit provides a secure platform for the filing of patents, trademarks, and copyrights. It offers:

  • Centralized tracking of filings and renewals.
  • Automatic alerts for key dates.
  • Simplified access to intellectual property documents.

With these features, companies can ensure robust protection for their innovations, thereby minimizing the risks of litigation and intellectual property violations.

ICV Testing Market

ICV Testing Market is a platform dedicated to evaluating and testing products on the market. It allows companies to validate their product and service concepts before launch by gathering customer feedback and adjusting their offerings accordingly. This minimizes launch risks and optimizes chances of market success.

The ICV Testing Market platform facilitates:

  • Real-time collection of customer feedback.
  • Quick adjustment of products based on feedback.
  • Reduction of costs associated with launch failures.

By testing products on the market before official launch, companies can refine their offerings to better meet consumer needs, thereby improving customer satisfaction and conversion rates.

Phases of Go To Product (GTP) and Go To Market (GTM)

Go To Product

The Go To Product phase involves developing and protecting new ideas and innovations. At this stage, companies must ensure that their creations are protected by intellectual property rights, which is facilitated by ICV deposit. Once protected, these innovations can be monitored and their value tracked through ICV app Gold.

The Go To Product process includes:

  • Research and Development (R&D) to create innovative products.
  • Protection of innovations via ICV deposit.
  • Evaluation of asset value via ICV app Gold.

This critical phase ensures that products are unique, protected, and valued before moving to the next stage of commercialization.

Go To Market

The Go To Market phase focuses on the commercialization of products and services. ICV Testing Market plays a crucial role here by allowing companies to test their offerings on the market and gather feedback before proceeding with a full launch. This iterative approach reduces launch risks and improves the chances of commercial success.

The Go To Market steps include:

  • Developing marketing strategies.
  • Validating products on the market via ICV Testing Market.
  • Adjusting offerings based on customer feedback.

By using these tools, companies can refine their launch strategies and maximize the impact of their products on the market.

Product Market Fit

Product Market Fit is achieved when companies find the right market for their products. At this stage, the use of the three combined ICV tools – value monitoring, intellectual property protection, and market testing – ensures that products are not only protected and well-evaluated but also tailored to market needs, thereby maximizing their success potential.

Needs for Each Stage

Each stage of product development and commercialization requires specific tools to maximize success chances and minimize risks. Here is a detailed description of these needs and the use of ICV tools at each stage:

Protecting Ideas (Go To Product)

During the initial development phase, also known as Go To Product, companies must protect their ideas and innovations before introducing them to the market. This critical step requires securing intellectual property rights to prevent copying and unauthorized use.

  • ICV deposit: This tool is essential for filing and protecting patents, trademarks, and other intellectual property rights. ICV deposit offers a secure platform for filing these assets, simplifying the legal and administrative process.
    Key Features:

    • Secure Filing: Allows official filing of patents and trademarks.
    • Rights Management: Centralizes the management of intellectual property rights.
    • Alerts and Reminders: Sends notifications for renewals and other important dates.
    • Document Access: Provides easy access to intellectual property documents and certificates.

Continuous Evaluation (Go To Product & Go To Market)

At all stages of product development and commercialization, it is crucial to monitor and evaluate the value of intangible assets. This allows companies to make strategic decisions based on accurate and current data, ensuring that their intangible assets are properly valued.

  • ICV app Gold: This tool allows real-time monitoring of the value of intangible assets such as patents, trademarks, and software. It provides detailed analyses and reports on the evolution of these assets’ value, helping companies optimize their management and valuation.
    Key Features:

    • Real-Time Tracking: Offers up-to-date data on the value of intangible assets.
    • Detailed Reports: Generates reports on asset performance and valuation.
    • Comparative Analyses: Compares asset value with industry benchmarks.
    • Alerts and Notifications: Informs users of significant value changes in assets.

Market Validation (Go To Market)

Before launching a product on the market, it is essential to validate its acceptability and potential success with consumers. The Go To Market phase focuses on this validation, allowing companies to adjust their products based on market feedback to maximize their commercial success chances.

  • ICV Testing Market: This tool is designed to test and validate products on the market before official launch. ICV Testing Market collects customer feedback, allowing companies to make necessary adjustments and optimize their offerings to meet market needs.
    Key Features:

    • Feedback Collection: Gathers consumer opinions and feedback in real-time.
    • Data Analysis: Provides analyses of product performance in the test market.
    • Product Adjustments: Enables quick and iterative modifications of products based on feedback.
    • Validation Reports: Generates detailed market validation reports, helping to make informed launch decisions.

Risk Reduction and Time Savings

Risk Reduction from 85% to 20%

The combined use of ICV tools significantly reduces the risks associated with innovation and new product launches. Companies can reduce their initial risk level from 85% to a reduced level of 20% by protecting their intellectual property rights, monitoring the value of their intangible assets, and testing their products on the market before official launch.

ICV tools offer complete protection and increased visibility of intangible assets, allowing companies to:

  • Avoid Costly Intellectual Property Litigation: By using ICV deposit, companies can quickly and efficiently secure their innovations and creations, reducing litigation risks. Robust intellectual property rights protection prevents violations and legal disputes, saving time and valuable resources.
  • Quickly Adjust Strategies Based on Market Data: Thanks to ICV Testing Market, companies can gather real-time feedback and adjust their products before official launch. This flexibility allows them to quickly respond to market needs and expectations, minimizing commercial failure risks and optimizing success chances.
  • Maximize the Value of Intangible Assets Throughout Their Lifecycle: With ICV app Gold, companies benefit from real-time tracking of their intangible assets’ value. This visibility allows for strategic decisions that maximize asset value and their contribution to the company’s overall valuation.

Integrating these tools allows companies to confidently navigate critical development and commercialization phases, reducing uncertainties and increasing the likelihood of success.

Saving 3 Days of Paperwork per Month

Digitizing and automating intellectual property management and intangible asset value tracking processes offer significant time savings. Companies can save up to 3 days of paperwork per month, allowing them to focus more on innovation and strategic development.

The automated features of ICV tools include:

  • Automatic Reminders and Notifications for Renewals and Key Dates: ICV tools send automatic alerts for important deadlines, such as patent or trademark renewals, eliminating the need for manual tracking and reducing the risk of losing intellectual property rights.
  • Centralized Access to All Intellectual Property Documents: ICV deposit and ICV app Gold provide a centralized platform where all intellectual property documents and certificates can be stored and easily accessed. This simplifies administrative management and ensures that all relevant information is available in one place.
  • Automated Reports on Intangible Asset Value: ICV app Gold generates detailed and automated reports on asset performance and valuation. These reports allow companies to easily track the contribution of their intangible assets to the company’s overall value without manually compiling data.

By reducing time spent on administrative tasks, companies can reallocate these resources to higher-value activities, such as innovation, new product development, and market expansion. These productivity gains directly contribute to the company’s competitiveness and growth.

Six Vital Advantages for the Company

1. Dynamic Intangible Capital Valuation

ICV tools enable quantification and tracking of intangible asset value, offering a clear view of their impact on the company’s overall value. This includes:

  • Financial Impact Measurement: ICV tools provide precise data on the contribution of intangible assets to the company’s valuation. They allow quantifying the financial value of patents, trademarks, software, and other intangible assets, facilitating strategic decision-making based on tangible data.
  • Opportunity Identification: Continuous evaluation of intangible assets allows companies to identify opportunities to maximize these assets’ value. For example, by analyzing valuation trends, companies can decide to invest more in certain patents or trademarks that show promising value growth.
  • Strategic Decisions: Companies can make informed decisions based on accurate and current data. Reports generated by ICV app Gold enable executives to understand the impact of intangible assets on the company’s value and align their strategies accordingly.

2. Intellectual Property Protection

ICV deposit ensures that the company’s innovations and creations are protected against copying and unauthorized use, preserving competitive advantage. This allows:

  • Quick and Effective Securing: Innovations are quickly filed and protected with ICV deposit, ensuring that intellectual property rights are secured from the start of the innovation process.
  • Minimizing Litigation Risks: Robust protection reduces the risks of intellectual property disputes. Companies can avoid costly and time-consuming litigation by ensuring their rights are clearly established and defended.
  • Maintaining Competitive Advantage: Protecting intangible assets helps maintain a competitive edge in the market. By safeguarding their innovations, companies can prevent competitors from copying or using their ideas, thereby maintaining their leadership position in their sector.

3. Acceleration of Innovation and Product Development

ICV Testing Market facilitates the product testing and validation process, allowing quick adjustments and more efficient market launches. Advantages include:

  • Cost and Risk Reduction: Pre-launch testing helps reduce costs associated with launch failures. By validating product concepts before market introduction, companies can identify and correct defects, thus reducing financial risks.
  • Improved Customer Satisfaction: Adjustments based on customer feedback increase satisfaction and loyalty. By listening to user feedback during testing phases, companies can improve their products to better meet consumer expectations.
  • Product Optimization: Products are continuously improved to better meet market needs. Data collected via ICV Testing Market enables iterative adjustments, ensuring that products are refined and optimized before official launch.

4. Financial Resource Optimization

With eCFO Value Based Management, companies can develop optimized financial strategies, efficiently allocate resources, and manage financial leverage. This includes:

  • Aligned Financial Strategies: Creating financial strategies that support the company’s goals. The eCFO helps companies align their financial plans with their strategic objectives, ensuring optimal resource utilization.
  • Effective Resource Allocation: Optimal use of financial resources to maximize return on investment. By optimizing resource allocation, companies can ensure funds are invested where they will have the greatest impact.
  • Proactive Financial Management: Continuous support for proactive and reactive financial management. The eCFO offers regular financial analyses and strategic advice, allowing companies to adjust their financial plans based on market and company developments.

5. Effective Communication with Stakeholders

Transparency and tracking of intangible asset value improve communication with investors, customers, and other stakeholders. Benefits include:

  • Increased Understanding: Stakeholders better understand the value and importance of intangible assets. By providing clear and detailed data on intangible asset valuation, companies can help investors and other stakeholders understand their true value.
  • Clear Communication: Company performance is communicated clearly and precisely. Reports generated by ICV tools make complex information accessible, facilitating communication with all stakeholders.
  • Trust and Collaboration: Better communication enhances trust and collaboration between the company and its stakeholders. By being transparent about the management and valuation of intangible assets, companies can strengthen the trust of investors, business partners, and customers.

6. Flexibility and Accessibility with eCFO

The eCFO service offers subscribers access to financial experts at adjusted prices, allowing expert and flexible financial management tailored to the company’s needs. Advantages include:

  • Access to Specialized Advice: High-quality financial advice without the associated high costs. Companies can benefit from the expertise of a part-time CFO, tailored to their needs and budget.
  • Increased Flexibility: Services adjustable according to the company’s changing needs. The eCFO can adapt to the evolving financial needs of the company, offering flexible services that evolve with the company.
  • Continuous Support: Ongoing financial support to maximize the company’s performance and strategy. The eCFO provides regular support and in-depth financial analyses, helping companies stay on track and adjust their strategies based on new opportunities and challenges.


ICV tools offer a comprehensive solution for managing and valuing intangible capital, covering all stages of product development and commercialization. By reducing risks, saving time, and providing vital advantages for competitiveness, ICV positions itself as an indispensable partner for innovative companies. With the addition of services like eCFO, companies can also benefit from tailored financial support, maximizing their chances of success and sustainable growth.


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