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The valorization of intangible capital in detail

Software valuation
Financial valuation of the company

Intangible capital, and in particular the valuation of companies, is a hot topic since the French economy is made up of 86% intangible assets. Intangible capital has a considerable impact on global economic activity. Do you want to invest in a company that has been around for a long time or that has just started? Know that intangible capital is the primary lever for value creation in organizations.

The best practice for valuing a start-up is to build a winning strategy by creating as many options as possible, while minimizing risks. On the other hand, there are mistakes to avoid. Often, they are mainly committed out of fear of losing control of their business.

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➡️ Valorization of intangible capital
➡️ Financial valuation of the company
➡️ Financial valuation of the software
➡️ VALUE The value of your business
➡️ VALUATION How to determine the price of a token?
➡️ VALUE Evaluation of intellectual property rights

Valuing Intangible Capital News

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