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There are many entrepreneurs who use blockchain as a financing tool to launch their projects. This solution consists of raising funds in cryptocurrencies. However, to attract investors, you need to make your project credible in their eyes. To convince them, you can opt to write a white paper.

A white paper is a document that gathers all the information about a project or describes its implementation. It is prepared in order to generate interest and convince investors in the context of a cryptocurrency fundraising (ICO). An initial coin offering can be translated into French as; offre au public de cyberjetons, première émission de jetons, offre initiale de jetons, etc. The tokens are also called “token”.

The drafting of a white paper is an essential step when creating a cryptocurrency. Since Bitcoin, which was the first crypto created, each new crypto currency has its own white paper. Its role is to make your potential buyers want to buy your tokens.

Our team of experts is available to write your white paper, please contact us for more information!

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