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The Black Book; An essential tool to manage your R&D projects!

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The Black Book defines the internal laboratory notebook used to declare creations and innovative or high commercial value information. It is an essential monitoring tool for researchers. It offers the possibility to secure your projects by keeping traces of each step of progress.

The experimentation notebook has several objectives. First of all, it has a knowledge transmission role. The different members of the team can consult it to find all the useful information about the project.

It also facilitates the steps to be taken when filing a patent. Indeed, the laboratory notebook acts as a proof. Thanks to it, one can find with great precision all the work, the details and the dates. Thus, it is enough to consult it to prove that the company was indeed in possession of this invention at a given date.

To help you in your efforts to isolate and protect your company’s innovations, we offer you an invention form. This form is not intended to replace the official invention declaration. If you wish to obtain advice adapted to your needs, do not hesitate to contact us!

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