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Your Go To Product period is almost over and you are preparing your Go To Market to monetize your innovations. Benefit from powerful tools and a dedicated team to optimize your go to market and your financial flows.

Test your innovation to optimize its chances of success!
We provide you with our methodology, our tools and our experts to question your market and validate its interest for your innovation.
Objective: to be part of the 20% of innovations that are successful.

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How does it work?

  • Preparation phase: we build together the marketing personas you are targeting, and we define precisely the outlines of the value proposition you are proposing to your future customers
  • Setup phase: we use our tools to identify the databases of prospects to contact and the interview grid to obtain the information necessary for your market test
  • Market testing phase: we connect with your potential market segments to interview them and validate their pain points, the adequacy between your solution and their issues, the desired features or services, as well as the value your market is willing to pay for your innovation
  • Synthesis and feedback phase: we build a synthesis that we share with you
  • Business development phase: because a market test can lead to first customers, we put you in touch with interested prospects so that you can sign your first contracts. Optional: we can take care of this business development phase for you, on the long term, thanks to our outsourced business development service.

How long does it take?

YOU give us about 1 hour per month to help you build and optimize your marketing personas and value proposition, to find the customer segments that will be your future market.
WE need 3 to 4 months overall to complete this market test.

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