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Improve your company’s balance sheet by performing an asset revaluation!

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The revaluation of assets consists in updating the book value of fixed assets (equipment, real estate, goodwill, etc.). It must be carried out in accordance with international accounting standards and current legislation.
Generally, this process leads to an increase in the value of the assets. As a result, the company’s balance sheet is improved. This is interesting for your company if you want to convince new partners, customers or investors.

What you need to know about the revaluation of a company’s assets:

  • The revaluation difference is taxable and recorded as equity.
  • Revaluation procedures can be performed only on tangible and financial assets.
  • The revaluation calculations for each asset must be justified and documented. The values will be verified by the auditors.
  • It is not possible to revalue one part of the assets and not another. The revaluation concerns all tangible and financial assets.

If you want to get advice on the revaluation of your assets or additional information, we are available to answer you! You can use our form or go to our contact page.

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