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IP Plan or Intellectual Passport

Protect your innovations with a solid IP Plan!

All the services related to the patent and the drafting of the state of the art are not included. An estimate will be established after validation of your needs.


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For any company, intellectual property rights are very important. They contribute to the growth and success of the company, as they are part of its intangible capital. For these reasons, it is essential to properly protect your creations and register your rights using the appropriate legal tools.

First of all, you can start by defining the category that corresponds to your creation:

  • Literary and artistic property: Includes neighboring rights (performers, video producers, audiovisual communication companies) and copyrights (literary, graphic or musical works, software).
  • Industrial property: Includes distinctive signs (trademarks, trade names, domain names, signs, etc.), technical creations (patents, digital certificates, semiconductor topographies) and ornamental creations (models, designs).

We elaborate strategies of intellectual protection by applying the international working rules. By following each step of the IP Plan, we will be able to identify and protect your company’s innovations. This will allow you to consolidate your assets, to keep exclusive use rights, to make your R&D (research and development) expenses profitable and to gain credibility.

The steps of the IP Plan :

  • Isolate high value-added information
  • Validate the strong commercial value, the original character or the patentability
  • Verify the state of the art and keep it secret
  • Draft the patent or know-how to be protected
  • File the patent or the token
  • Registration number with a filing date and/or token
  • Ensure a continuity plan and provide a guarantee
  • Monitor to identify parasitism, copies or counterfeits
  • To carry out a report according to the country concerned
  • Defend and protect its value with an insurance coverage or its cash flow

You can indicate your objectives for your IP plan below or contact us if you have any questions.

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