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ICV app Silver

ICV App SILVER, your new rating tool!

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Choose to dynamically manage your business using our ICV App SILVER platform. An innovative and intuitive solution that will help you protect and manage your assets easily. You will be able to use it to prepare bank files, get advice on filing a patent, carry out internal and external monitoring, take advantage of an annual follow-up on the company’s growth, etc.

Discover the advantages of the ICV App SILVER offer:

  • Financial management: The application has tools for monitoring the cash flow statement, the financial forecast and the WCR (working capital requirement). You can also establish and follow the dynamic capitalization table.
  • Capitalization table: always up to date.
  • CANVAS : insert a dynamic synthetic business plan for your presentations
  • Option: you will find all the modules of ICV app Gold a la carte
  • Option: our Middle Office at your disposal according to the packages you choose.

If you want to benefit from additional advantages, we invite you to discover our GOLD offer.


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