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ICV app Gold

ICV App GOLD, the premium solution to develop your business efficiently!

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ICV App GOLD will become your company's new digital assistant! It is a platform designed to help you finance your projects, protect your innovations and secure your intangible assets. You will find many tools that will allow you to analyze and develop your business.

Discover the advantages of the ICV App GOLD offer:

  • Advanced financial management: You will be able to monitor the cash flow table, financial forecast, WCR (working capital requirement), ROI (return on investment) and dynamic capitalization table. You will also be able to make a prejudice evaluation and pilot your strategic actions.
  • Go To Market strategy: To successfully launch your project on the market, you will benefit from several advantages such as the connection with potential partners, the support for the implementation of operational guarantees, the calculation of royalties, the international management, etc.
  • Securing innovations and assistance: Discover advice on the protection of creations while benefiting from assistance for the filing of your patents. Make the most of your intangible assets. Set up a contract library. Pilot the financial and fiscal engineering of the innovation.
  • Financing : Audit the economic model with support to adjust it.
  • Valuation : Detect your objectives with return on investment (ROI).
  • Information technology: KI valuation, IP Plan and company growth review.
  • And much more with over 30 applications!

You can contact us if you have additional questions!

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