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ICV app Gold

The premium solution to develop your business efficiently!

The ICV App GOLD is an essential digital tool designed to simplify, optimize, and secure the daily operations of businesses. Easy to use, this app is crucial for financing your projects, protecting your innovations, securing your intangible assets, and strengthening your financial communication with solid guarantees. By adopting ICV App GOLD, you can save up to three days per month by reducing your administrative burden.

Key benefits of the ICV App GOLD include:

  • Advanced Financial Management: Easily monitor your cash flow, financial forecasts, working capital requirements (WCR), and return on investment (ROI). A dynamic capitalization table and a prejudice evaluation are also available for effective strategic action management.
  • Go-To-Market Strategy: Benefit from connections with potential partners and support for setting up operational guarantees, while managing royalties and the international aspects of your business.
  • Innovation Security and Assistance: Receive expert advice on protecting your creations in 152 countries, with support for patent filings, setting up a contract library, and managing the financial and fiscal engineering of your innovations.
  • Financing and Valuation: Conduct an audit of your economic model with personalized support to adjust it, and track the overall value of your company, including sweat equity and intellectual property.
  • Information Technology: Assess your intangible capital, plan the management of your intellectual property, and review your company’s growth.

Included services:

  • Onboarding: Account creation, review, training, and initial setup.
  • Middle Office: Ongoing account monitoring.
  • Back Office: Quarterly updates.
Coporate income users number
0 a 1 M euros 1
1 a 5 M euros 2
5 a 50 M eur 3
50 a 100 M euros 5
100 a 500 M euros 10


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