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Go To Market Diagnostic

Perform a diagnostic of your project to know if it is ready to be launched on the market!

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The Go To Market strategy plays an essential role in launching a new product. However, before you start the process, you need to make sure your project is ready for this step. It is therefore essential to perform a diagnosis of your GTM strategy before launching your product on the market.

What are the most important points of a Go To Market strategy to analyze?

  • Target identification: For a successful market launch, it is essential to know your target and its relationship with your product. You can define personas with different characteristics. During this step, you must also take into account secondary targets.
  • Value creation: The perceived value of your product depends directly on the marketing promise. It will then be necessary to ask yourself what problems the product will solve and how it will meet the needs of your target.
  • The market and competitors: It’s important to know your market (its growth, capacity, trends, etc.) and the elements that differentiate you from the competition. This will allow you to verify if your product positioning and pricing are consistent.

If you want to get a complete diagnosis of your project before launching on the market with one of the most successful French companies!

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