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Give life to your business creation project thanks to a bank financing!

If you are a business creator, you can apply for a bank loan to finance your project. However, to obtain financing from a bank, you must present a coherent and well-prepared project. Indeed, you must determine the elements that will convince your banker.

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Before applying for a bank loan, keep an eye on the following points:

  • Be careful not to propose a project that is too audacious
  • Present a balanced financial plan
  • Justify your experience in the market
  • Propose a personal contribution of at least 30% (material and immaterial)
  • Make sure that your service or product meets a need

We advise you to compare all the financing possibilities with different banks in order to make the most appropriate choice for your needs. The offers vary from one bank to another (repayment period, deadlines, interest rates, etc.). By putting them in competition, you can negotiate certain conditions.

If your personal contribution is insufficient, you can resort to complementary solutions:

  • Unlocking an employee savings plan or a group savings plan
  • Apply for the ARCE (aid for the acquisition and creation of a company)
  • Convince a friend or family member to invest in your project
  • Apply for an honorary loan
  • Find out about personal bank loans and micro-credit from Adie (Association pour le droit à l’initiative économique)
  • Launch a crowdfunding campaign
  • Register for competitions
  • Apply for regional or local grants
  • Open your capital to investors

If you wish to obtain more information, you can contact us!

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