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A financial forecast is an indispensable part of any business plan. It is a financial study that is carried out when creating or taking over a company. The objective of this study is to verify the financial balance and the profitability of a project.

In detail, a financial forecast is used to foresee all the cash inflows and outflows of a company. This makes it possible to evaluate the results of the first three years of exercise.

Why is it necessary to make a financial forecast?

A forecast has many uses when taking over or creating a company, for example, it allows you to

  • Optimize your investment policy
  • Estimate your financing needs and the amount of financing
  • Verify that your company is able to finance the various expenses
  • Measure the risk of the project
  • Define the objectives to be reached
  • Determine the benefits generated and the profitability
  • Verify that the project has real financial prospects
  • Anticipate possible cash flow problems
  • To attract investors

To obtain your financial forecast, use our tool below or contact us directly!

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