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Evaluate the intangible assets of your company to measure its value!

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It is not enough to know the financial situation of a company to evaluate its value. You must also take into account the intangible capital;

  • Human capital: Know-how, experience, skills of employees.
  • Internal structural capital: Brand image, company organization, internal communication, certifications, innovation capacity, etc.
  • External relational capital: Relationships with suppliers, customers, shareholders, partners, etc.

These intangible assets are neither material nor financial, and are not part of the balance sheet. However, they constitute between 60% and 90% of the value of a company. It is essential to clearly identify them in order to manage them, maintain them or make them grow efficiently.

In addition to measuring the value of a company, intangible capital also allows you to verify the quality of resources. You will also be able to identify the assets that deserve to be developed further and the strong assets. In the context of a fund raising, the intangible capital can also be interesting to seduce potential investors.

Do not hesitate to fill in the form below or to contact us if you want to obtain an evaluation of the intangible capital of your company!

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