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The business model canvas, an innovative method that will allow you to build your business model with ease!


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An indispensable tool for all entrepreneurs, the business model canvas describes with precision the ways in which you will create value and earn money. It will also allow you to present your project with more clarity.

The business plan canvas is prepared during the development of your project, it is intended to facilitate the analysis and oral presentation of your business plan. It is established on a single page or in the form of a table in order to be easily readable. To be more precise, it is composed of 9 blocks.

How to fill in the different sections of the business model canvas?

  • Key partners: You must indicate all the partners that are essential to the proper functioning of your company; suppliers, subcontractors, experts, financial partners, prescribers, etc.
  • Market segments: This section is used to determine your target clientele and the different types of customers.
  • Key activities: You must identify the activities that create added value and contribute to the functioning of your company.
  • Cost structure: This element allows you to evaluate the variable costs (goods, raw materials, etc.) and fixed costs (rent, salaries, etc.) of your activity.
  • Key resources: You need to determine the financial, human and technical resources that are essential to run your business.
  • The value proposition: The value proposition is the added value of your offers and services. To complete this element, you need to ask yourself several questions: Do your offerings meet your customers’ needs? What are the advantages over competitors? etc.
  • Revenue streams: In this block, you must indicate all of your company’s revenue streams, whether they are one-time or recurring. You should also specify when and how your customers will pay.
  • Customer relationship: This is where you describe the types of relationships you want to establish with your customer segments. You can talk about everything related to loyalty, customer care, acquisition of new customers, etc.
  • Channels: In this section, you will explain your different channels. This means that you will describe the means of communication and distribution that you will use to reach your customers.

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