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Intangible Capital Value

Our core business: intangible capital valuation

Pitch Deck Start Up business card

The pitch deck or investor deck or simply deck is one of the key documents that a startup must prepare when it enters a funding round and starts contacting investment funds and business angels.

It is a key document because it is the business card of the company. It consists of a presentation or executive brief that describes the business opportunities, the current state of the market, the vision for the future, the team and, of course, the capital needs of the company…

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    Present the idea: solution to a problem (where the idea comes from)

    Team presentation: track record

    Demonstration: concrete solution (marvel or MVP)

    ICV IT

    Your work: you know where you are going (work done and to do)

    Business model: you know how to make money - Business model

    The potential market: economic reality of your product or service (forecast - GTM buyer personae)

    Market testing: proof of concept

    Competitor: your advantage and why you are different

    Strategy: how will you keep your objectives: Canvas


    Finance: the ratios to date

    CEO's vision

    What is the objective of your pitch deck:

    And the deadline:


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