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Intangible Capital Value

Our core business: intangible capital valuation


Do a self-diagnosis

Alpha testing is when internal employees test a product to eliminate any bugs, problems, or idiosyncrasies in the product before it is available to external users.
Beta testing is when a product is tested by a limited group of actual external users who are specifically told to identify problems.


    Use the following open-ended questions to start your interview. As you learn more about the user, ask follow-up questions to dig deeper into their motivations and gain valuable insight into their decision-making process. The goal of these conversations is to identify the work for which the user hired your product or service.

    • What is my value proposition?

    • What are the benefits of my product/service offering for the customer?

    • What are my customers' buying motivations?

    • Who are my competitors?

    • What differentiates me from my competitors?


    • At what point did the customer think about buying my product/service?

    • What challenge is the customer trying to solve when they buy my Product / Service?

    • What other options does my customer consider in relation to the Product / Service I offer?

    • What are the areas of differentiation from the competition that the customer appreciates?

    • What solution did the customer use before?

    • What were the qualities of the previous solution?

    • What were the disadvantages of the old solution?

    • Why does the customer want to make changes?


    • How did the customer discover you?

    • What tools and resources did the customer use to learn about existing solutions on the market?

    • What questions did the customer ask to validate that the proposed product/service corresponds to the initial problem?

    • Who did the decision-makers turn to for advice on their purchasing decision?

    • Who are the decision makers you have identified?

    • How many decision-makers are involved in the buying process?

    • Is the buying cycle for my product/service

      • Very short: < 1 week

      • Short: < 2 months

      • Medium: 2 to 6 months

      • Long : More than 6 months






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      > Financial evaluation of the patent
      > Assistance in commercial negotiations: guarantee, license
      > Transfer price: enforceable certification
      > Royalty modeling
      > Intellectual property and fund raising, mergers and acquisitions
      > Financial and fiscal engineering of innovation

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