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Preparation of the Black Book to isolate and protect innovations and margin laboratory notebook

Invention's description

    Company's name:

    Your name:

    Your email:

    This invention form does not exempt the inventor from this formality and is not intended to replace the invention declaration which is the responsibility of every employee inventor.

    1. Title of the invention:

    2. Research laboratory(ies) involved

    Indicate the exact name (type and number of the laboratory) as well as the full name of each laboratory where the invention was made.




    Contact information:

    Other organization(s):



    Contact information :


    3) Inventor(s)

    Make a complete list of the inventors (an incomplete list or one that includes persons who did not really participate in the invention may result in the invalidity or lapse of a patent).

    NAME, first name, status Organization to which the inventor belongs Contact details Share in the inventiveness

    Note: Fill out an "inventor card" (attached as Appendix 1) for each inventor listed.

    4) Technical description of the invention

    Present a summary of the invention in a few lines, specifying which problem(s) the invention solves, and what makes it original (in view of current scientific and technological knowledge in the field, technical and economic interest of the invention and its fields of application).

    NOTE: A detailed description of the invention will be developed in Appendix 2, attached to this document.

    5) Intended application(s) (to be developed in Appendices 2 and 3)

    You may specify:

    A) The potential markets targeted

    B) Existing or potential relationships with private partner(s)


    6) Disclosure of the invention

    Indicate whether you have already or will soon disclose your invention (written or oral disclosure: publication, thesis, conference). Please specify dates, names of participants and/or titles of journals, conferences, locations.

    - the invention has already been disclosed :

    - the invention is to be disclosed :


    7) Other additional information

    You can complete this form with any additional information on a document attached at the end of the file.

    Appendix 1: Inventor's form


    Birth name :

    First name(s):

    Date and place of birth :

    Nationality :

    Home address :



    E-mail address :

    Employee of the company:



    Confidentiality contract Consortium

    Date of your entry or partnership contract

    Date since which you have been involved in the work leading to the present invention :

    Share in the inventiveness: %.


    Description of your contribution to the inventive activity related to this invention :

    Done at , in two copies, on


    Invention Declaration Form

      Company's name:

      Your name:

      Your email:


      Title of the invention:

      Main inventor:

      Laboratories involved:


      Date of the invention declaration:

      Declaration number: To be filled in by the ANPR

      Technological field of the invention:

      Summary of the invention

      Object of the invention:

      Problems solved:

      Distinctive points compared to what is already known:

      List the keywords (or expressions) of the state of the art in your technical field:

      List the key words of your invention and if possible rank them in order of originality (or importance)



      1- Detailed description of the invention (one to three pages)
      - Purpose of the invention, results supporting the invention (in vitro, in vivo, prototype...), know-how implemented: attach all descriptions such as protocols, comparative results, technical problems solved

      - In what context, in other words how or why did you make the invention?

      2-Scientific and technological context of the invention (one page)
      Scientific and technological knowledge prior to the invention, list and commentary (drawbacks) of the relevant bibliography, existing patents, commercialized technologies: attach a copy of these documents (or failing that, the references)

      3- Inventive character of the invention: (one page maximum)
      Specify how your invention differs from the articles, patents and products cited in the previous section. What was not obvious from the above-mentioned documents to obtain the invention as presented (unexpected advantages, originalities...)?

      4- Main applications (half a page)
      - Does the application meet a societal or industrial need?
      - Name the main applications of the present invention
      - Is a coupling with another process or product necessary?

      5- Principle diagram :
      Would you have a dynamic support for example a video/audio support explaining your invention?



      1-Disclosure in the field of the invention
      What have you published in the field of the invention? Attach a copy of the poster/article
      Have you filed patents in the field of the invention or in a related field? Indicate their references, attach them

      2- Disclosure of the invention
      - List the publications and communications concerning the invention that have been made (publications, conference, poster, thesis/master's degree/internship defense)
      - Do you intend to publish and/or communicate on the invention? Specify the title, the expected date, the authors and attach the project


      State of progress

      1-Technological status of the invention
      Does the invention present drawbacks, limitations, scientific or technical barriers, can they be overcome? How? By when?

      2-Technological development
      Specify the next steps in the development of the invention (experiments, prototypes, clinical studies, etc.)
      Do you think there is a high probability that additional technical elements will be developed on the invention in the coming months?

      3-Industrial development:
      Are any inventors considering the creation of a company for the development and exploitation of this invention?

      Do you know the names of industrialists who may be interested in your invention? Have you already identified or contacted a potential partner for the exploitation or development of this invention?


      Do you think your invention could be developed industrially?


      Elements of the context

      Are there any laboratory notebooks :


      Contractual framework of the invention :


      Invention made with an academic or industrial partner

      If yes, specify the actors, the project and its progress

      Use of material (biological material, samples, BD, materials, software, etc.) obtained from third parties in the context of the invention

      Signature of a Material Transfer Agreement

      Invention carried out in a particular contractual context (consortium, ...)


      Financing at the origin of the invention, Specify


      Inventors and applicants

      1-Inventors and distribution of inventive shares between inventors
      This list must be complete and reflect the reality of the inventive contribution of each inventor
      The inventor is any person: researcher, engineer, technician who has directly contributed to the conception of all or part of the invention:
      Names and surnames of inventors Employers Inventive share (%) Date Signature

      Laboratories: Indicate the laboratory in which the invention was made and have it signed by the director of this laboratory
      Research unit (Code, name of the laboratory) Name of the director of the laboratory Visa of the director

      Depositors: The depositors are the employers of the inventors and/or co-supervisors of the laboratories in which the inventors work

      Individual form Inventor



      First name


      Personal address

      Situation when the invention was made Current situation (if different)

      Employer :


      Start/end dates of the employment contract

      Professional address


      Email Employer :


      Start/end dates of the work contract

      Work address




      In addition to the disclosures mentioned in this document, the inventor declares that he/she has not disclosed any training on his/her invention (publications, conference defense) to any third party other than his/her employer or agents

      Date and signature :

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