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Intangible Capital Value

Our core business: intangible capital valuation


Intangible Capital Value

The IP plan structures your innovation to optimize your competitiveness and resilience. In order to guide you as well as possible, each step is detailed: your objective, how to document, use the monitoring of the valuation.

The second part details the work to be done for the documentation of intellectual property with a page for each need and a personalized and detailed follow-up.

assists you in:

  • Evaluation financing of IP rights and know-how
  • Royalty modeling
  • IP and fundraising
  • IP and merger – acquisition
  • Transfert price
  • Damage
  • Engineering finance and innovation fiscake
  • Rationalization of your Intellectual Property portfolio
  • Audit and Due Diligence
  • negotiations

    IP PLAN – Objective: build and structure your intellectual property asset

    The steps needed for work:

    • Identify
    • Document
    • Anchor the anteriority
    • Show commercial will
    • Carry out a monitoring plan to identify counterfeiters and defend its value



    Regular valuation which allows to have a common objective and to maximize the chances of success of the innovations or creation of startup.

    Objectives of the IP Plan


    Global protection: not limited to country borders
    Fight against copying
    Drafting of the contract library
    Optimization of KPIs – margin
    Royalty modeling
    Partnership follow-up: co development …
    Option: screw approval

    Linkage with value tracking to anchor the asset



    Immediate protection of the secret
    Proof of origin
    Protection of co- authors



    Innovative product
    Optimize the financial forecast
    Arguments for funding
    Prepare the patent filing



    Structuring the IP policy
    No publication
    ” barrier to entry “



    IP valuation for mergers and acquisitions or joint ventures

    • Ensure full and fair compensation for your IP. An independent assessment will strengthen your position in the negotiations.

    Support for start-ups

    • Attract investors with the monetary value of your technology. Use your IP as collateral for loans and investments.

    Monetization Opportunities

    • Take advantage of unused patents with easy access to the patent market to find brokers, buyers and interested companies.



    Due diligence (intellectual property audit)

    • Gain transparency on potential risks or IP-related red flags in an investment target’s IP portfolio.

    Intellectual Property Protection Gap Analysis

    • We close the gaps in the protection of intellectual property rights. We assess your organization’s IPR coverage and help you adjust the scope if necessary.

    Intellectual property risk analyzes

    • Assess the risk of being the target of infringement claims to avoid high legal costs and potential damages.

    IP Map

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    We bind all the protections that can be the patent, the secret, the copyright, the drawings and models , the mark in particular . Intangible Capital Value has a presence European and an advisory network to defend you in your country or several with a strusture file sent to your council and save you time and money.

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    ECONOMIC INTELLIGENCE prepares the company

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