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Our core business: intangible capital valuation

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In order to be able to choose your work and fix the flight plan, we put at your disposal our ICV eShop. You choose and the Middle Office takes you in hand!
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Monitoring and customer care

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Choose your objective. You must obtain an amount for the value of your business:

    To decide: we will perform a valuation with two financial methods (Discount Cash Flow) and EBITDA multiple and an extra financial method with consideration of the Immaterial Capital.

    Are you a:

    Send balance sheet:

    Income statement

    Your balance sheet and income statement or financial forecast over 36 months (excluding biotechnology with specific procedure)

    Price: 500 euros before tax
    - 75% for startups (1)
    - 50 % for simple SMEs (2)
    - 100 % In case of subscription: refund

    (1) with an innovation and a turnover of less than 1 M euros
    (2) with a turnover of 1 to 5 M euros

    Receive by email without contacting us.

    Revolut Simple SME rate : 250 euros HT
    Secure CB payment with Revolut

    Middle Office discount

    You need to perform a valuation to argue a fund raising, justify a share split or settle a dispute and are looking for a “one shot” solution
    The offers are flying by.


    You have one of the following needs: you can choose the applications proposed to find a solution

    EQUITY : 1. Free contribution, 2. Contribution of license, 3. Revaluation, 4. Annual impairment test

    FINANCING : 1. Purpose, 2. Guarantee, 3. Request

    IP PLAN – PASSPORT : 1. Trademark registration, 2. IP tracker – state of the art, 3. Black Book, 4. Secrecy protection, 5. Watch, 6. Defense

    GO TO MARKET : 1. Diagnosis, 2. Market study, 3. Letter Of Intention (LOI), 4. Customer signature, 5. Management of the customer’s position

    KYC – KYB : The KYC service is open to professionals based on the information in our possession: valuation, ICV license

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