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Intangible Capital Value

Our core business: intangible capital valuation

ICV IT: presentation

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Soho Media Solution Luxembourg (or Startupup brand of said company)

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The status failure rate is 85 % on average

The cost of IT development is not an exact science and going for the cheapest is often a source of stopping the project, spin off or start up

Ensuring scalability is a brake on growth

An innovative company has no cash flow , no product, no market and using classic methods is not suitable

The growth reservoir of an innovation is for export and the risk is often very high

ICV IT by myICV An “all inclusive”, digital and adapted solution !

The Software division is structured to stabilize the value of the intangible capital after the Go To Product, Go To Market and Scale phase. The financial valuation incorporates the risks and the ability to deliver the service to generate the cash to prove the valuation.

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The production stages with a precise and customized flight plan

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      MVP Canvas


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      1 / Present your target and its needs

      2 / Analyze existing solutions

      3 / Present your concept

      4 / Make a prototype

      5 / Go meet your target

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      1. Buyer Personae, CANVAS, Insurance, Liabilities and Patents

      How your startup can benefit from an MVP

      1. Validation, Iterative Process, Customer Feedback, Early Market Potential, Scale Growth, Manageable Investment

      common misunderstandings
      Teams may know the term MVP, but don’t fully understand its meaning or purpose
      It’s not a PoC
      A minimum viable product is not a proof of concept. In fact, most teams come together to form a start-up after developing their Proof of Concept.

      It’s not an MMP
      That is, it shouldn’t be. A minimal negotiable product , sometimes arrives long after the MVP
      An MVP must be viable
      For a product to be viable – any product, really – it has to be something people want, need, and can use to solve an existing problem.

      What you need before you start working

      There are a few prerequisites for starting an MVP; provided an MVP is needed
      1. Ideation
      2. Development team
      3. Prototyping and architecture

      4. Build the MVP
      Target market and customer segments (and potential early adopters)
      Problems our customer segments have that are worth solving (and possible existing solutions)
      The offer and its unique value proposition (and a possible high-level concept)
      Leap of faith in the suggested solution(s)
      Distribution and communication channels
      Revenue streams – even future prospects
      Cost structure – all aspects of the business
      Key metrics for success (from initially knowledge to new business or retained business)
      “Unfair” competitive advantage (something that is difficult or nearly impossible to copy)


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        Develop your MVP

        1. BUYER PERSONAE Identify the problems worth solving and the relevant market

        What is the challenge?
        What is the problem that is not solved or that is not solved really effectively?
        Who has the problem?
        Do they know they have this problem?
        Did they try to solve it?
        Do they know how much money or time they are wasting because of this?
        Are there other solutions they already use?
        Do they like these solutions? If yes, why ? If not, again, why?
        How much are they willing to pay for said solution or ours?

        2. Perform a competitive analysis

        3. Define MVP Feature Set

        4. Develop, test, release and repeat

        Alpha testing is done by employees of the organization, who work on the product.

        Beta testing is done by people who aren’t working on the product, or maybe even a few very early adopters who we can trust and have a good relationship with

        Backtesting is performed by an external auditor; maybe a company that specializes in product testing. At this point the product is working

        Essential Features

        User Login

        Your users need to be able to connect to your software and you need to identify them to observe how they use your tool.

        Admin interface

        A back office will allow you to administer your users and the main data of your application.

        Email management

        Your tool must be able to send emails and manage notifications to motivate your users to return to your tool and provide them with useful information so that they can master its features.

        Responsive interface

        Your product must be presentable on these different media.

        Standard Features

        Usage statistics

        In order to be able to understand your users and prioritize the most useful developments, you must set up dashboards that will allow you to view the usage statistics of your software.

        Data access management

        Once your users are connected you will generally need to limit their access to data. We offer several simple methods to define these accesses and secure your software.

        Data import and export

        In order to facilitate your administration of the tool, setting up xport or import of data in the format that suits you is an important productivity lever.

        GDPR – Security and confidentiality of your data

        The GDPR imposes a number of rules regarding the management of your users’ data.

        Payment and invoicing

        In order to maximize your revenue and grow your business, your software should handle service billing and online payment.

        Customer Support

        Your software will be used daily by your customers, it is important to provide them with an efficient system so that they can contact you and that you can respond to them as efficiently as possible.
        Tutorials and online help
        In order to minimize customer support and maximize the use of your tool, it is necessary to set up an effective help center.

        Optional Features

        Processing workflow

        Does your data have to go through different states before being validated? Processing workflows allow us to implement these transitions easily.

        Accounting export

        You have a lot of users and are going to need to integrate features to simplify the life of your accounting department.

        Management of business contributors

        You can easily boost the sales of your SaaS software by setting up partnerships with business introducers.

        Connection to third-party services

        In the world of SaaS, interconnection between services is common. We develop APIs for you that will allow your systems to communicate with each other.

        Specific Features

        Appointment booking module

        Appointment booking or slot reservation is a common development in SaaS software. This type of development applies to the business of consulting, logistics, distribution, health, etc.

        Online questionnaire

        Online questionnaires can be used for information feedback, for example for production data or to assess skills, in which case we will talk about evaluation tests or quizzes.

        Generation of PDF documents

        The generation of documents in PDF format ensures good quality printing and rendering whatever your medium. We can include text, graphics, design the document according to your charter.

        Why ICV IT within Intangible Capital Value?

        ECONOMIC REALITY – An approach born from an experience of more than 10,000 start- ups and internationally (Europe – Asia – North America )

        corporate partner to facilitate industrial production or scalability and therefore stability of the customer workstation

        Technological SOLUTION in billable PRODUCT: from an entrepreneur’s vision to the Go To Market to Execute and build Immaterial

        TEAM Intangible Capital Value IT
        Middle Office – Back Office (a closed office) and Front Office


        An agile and process organization with a closed office back office, a middle office for flight plan monitoring and daily monitoring and an internal front office or one delegated to a local partner known to the company
        Management of the customer relationship to centralize, meet objectives and optimize success every day

        ICV IT

        Guillaume CTO provides his 20 years of experience in real-time sports data management for hyper-demanding customers to enable startups and innovative companies to deliver to the customer and meet the intangible capital growth objectives measured by myICV .

        ICV IT Objective: proven method reduce risk

        EXPANSION > SEGMENTATION > SCALE GTP or GTM: high risk and no cash

        TESTING PHASE Optimization of your offer, customer testing and improvement of customer service.

        LETTER OF INTENTION Integration of our network with the group’s business club to have you sign 3 LOI and validate the project.

        COMMITTEE You have 3 LOI and wish to pass a course (KPI). We have a Go To Market committee for you!

        The triptych

        OPEX in Fine ( ICV exclusivity ),

        MONITORING of Intangible Capital to finance growth

        FLIGHT PLAN a clear vision over 12, 24 and 36 months with stages iterative

        The power of the my ICV & ICV IT group

        SCALER accept a corporate client to accelerate
        PILOT the 12 items of intangible capital to structure and derisk
        ICV app and ICV app Research digitize work 24/7

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        SCALER accept a corporate client to accelerate
        PILOT the 12 items of intangible capital to structure and derisk
        ICV app and ICV app Research digitize work 24/7

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