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Intangible Capital Value

Our core business: intangible capital valuation

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ICV Software plays an essential role in the intangible capital valuation process, particularly for startups and innovative companies. By focusing on stabilizing and increasing the value of intangible capital, ICV Software offers several key features and benefits that facilitate and optimize this process. Here are the main areas of impact:

1. Identification and Quantification of Intangible Capital

ICV Software helps companies identify and quantify their intangible capital, which includes intangible assets such as intellectual property, team skills and expertise, customer relationships, and brand reputation. The software provides tools to evaluate these assets systematically, allowing for a better understanding of their contribution to the overall value of the company.

2. Improved Intangible Capital Management

The software offers features to improve intangible asset management by facilitating their tracking, development, and protection. This includes tools for intellectual property rights management, skills and talent planning, and strategies to strengthen customer relationships and brand reputation.

3. Optimization of Monetization Strategies

ICV Software assists companies in formulating and implementing effective strategies to monetize their intangible capital. This may include developing new business models based on intellectual property, leveraging customer databases for cross-selling or upselling opportunities, and enhancing marketing and communication strategies to maximize brand value.

4. Support for Strategic Decision-Making

By providing detailed analysis and reports on the state and performance of intangible capital, ICV Software helps decision-makers develop data-driven strategies. This information can guide investment decisions, product development, and market strategies, ensuring that resources are allocated to maximize intangible value.

5. Facilitation of Due Diligence and Reporting Processes

The software simplifies and standardizes due diligence and reporting processes related to intangible capital. This is particularly useful during fundraising rounds, mergers and acquisitions, or regular audits. By providing accurate and validated information on the value and potential of intangible capital, ICV Software enhances transparency and trust among all stakeholders.

6. Acceleration of Product Development and Innovation

ICV Software enables faster and more efficient market introduction of new products and innovations. By integrating data on intangible capital into the product development process, companies can better align their innovations with key intangible assets such as technological skills and intellectual property, thereby increasing the likelihood of market success.

Why ICV Software?

CANVAS MVP: Project Sketching Tool

The CANVAS MVP helps startups define, visualize, and refine their product by aligning key elements of value creation:

  • Value proposition: What makes the product unique and desirable.
  • Customer segments: Precise identification of target customers.
  • Distribution channels: Product delivery strategies.
  • Cost and revenue structure: Financial planning for investments and future revenues.
  • Key partnerships: Identification of essential partners and resources.

This structure helps focus efforts and reduce the risk of dispersion.

SCORING MVP: Project Progress Evaluation

The SCORING MVP is an evaluation tool that measures project readiness and maturity across several dimensions:

  • Technical readiness: State of development progress.
  • Market validation: Studies conducted and integrated feedback.
  • Operational readiness: Strategies for production and distribution.
  • Product-market fit: Relevance of the product for the target market.

Our Solutions

“Maximizing the value of intangible capital with integrated digital solutions.”

ICV Software positions itself as an essential partner for startups, offering integrated solutions specifically designed to overcome crucial development challenges.

Statistics and Challenges

Startups face significant obstacles:

  • High failure rate: Approximately 85% of startups fail during the early stages, often due to a misunderstanding of the market or inadequate implementation.
  • Unpredictable development costs: Initial costs can skyrocket without a guarantee of success.
  • Need for adaptability: The ability to pivot quickly in response to market feedback and unforeseen challenges is crucial.

Added Value of ICV Software

ICV Software offers solutions designed to mitigate these risks and stimulate growth:

  • Risk and cost reduction: Our tools and methodologies reduce risks and costs, optimizing resource utilization.
  • Adaptability and scalability: Our solutions evolve with your startup, ensuring constant responsiveness and competitiveness.
  • Market validation and MVP: We facilitate the design and development of Minimum Viable Products to effectively test product ideas in the market.
  • Support for launch and expansion: We offer proven strategies to accelerate market entry and optimize distribution channels.
  • Continuous support and mentoring: Our team provides ongoing support, far beyond just technology, partnering for your long-term growth.

ICV Software not only provides tools but also offers a comprehensive strategy to transform innovative ideas into business success.


ICV Software not only significantly improves the user experience but also plays a crucial role in building user trust by securing their data and respecting their privacy. This creates a solid foundation upon which the company can build and expand its portfolio, thereby increasing the value of its intangible assets and enhancing its competitive position in the market. All of this is achieved by focusing on technical improvements that accelerate innovation and business success.

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