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At ICV, we offer well-recognized solutions to optimize financial strategies and enhance intangible assets. Here’s an overview of our services, along with subscription links.

ICV app Gold: Subscription, Consulting, and Support Services

ICV app Gold offers comprehensive value management for SME executives. The subscription includes detailed tracking of your asset valuation and continuous support. You benefit from regular financial analysis, online reports, and email validation. The middle office handles tracking, while the back office manages quarterly updates. The front office guides your strategic choices. The speed onboarding option simplifies the subscription process.

ICV app IP Plan: Subscription, Consulting, and Protection Services

The IP Plan offers a subscription to monitor and protect your intellectual property. It provides ongoing assessment of the fair value of your intangible assets, with tracking by the middle office and quarterly updates by the back office. The specialized consulting included helps defend your rights while optimizing and protecting your intellectual property.

ICV app TM: Subscription, Consulting, and Market Testing

ICV app TM offers a subscription to test your market and understand your customers. With the LEO service, you benefit from artificial intelligence for customer acquisition. The subscription allows you to track your market performance and adjust your strategy accordingly. The middle office handles tracking, while the back office updates the data quarterly. The included consulting helps develop an intellectual passport for your assets and increase the value of your intangible capital. The Avatar option offers enhanced protection and exponential growth.

eCFO: Enhancing Your Strategy with Optional Consulting on Intangible Capital Valuation and Value-Based Management Solutions

At eCFO, value-based management is our strategic compass. We maximize shareholder wealth and ensure sustainable financial performance through key principles:

1. Profit Optimization: We enhance your company’s intrinsic value by optimizing return on investment and strategically managing resources.

2. Effective Measurement Tools: We use effective financial indicators, such as Net Present Value (NPV), Internal Rate of Return (IRR), and Economic Value Added (EVA), to evaluate performance and guide future decisions.

3. Alignment of Objectives: We ensure coherence between the objectives of shareholders, management, and teams, encouraging decisions that foster sustainable growth.

4. Strategic Resource Allocation: Our value-based management identifies and invests in the most promising initiatives to stimulate growth.

5. Balanced Risk Management: Our approach considers risks, ensuring balanced decision-making.

6. Transparent Communication: We ensure clear communication with our financial partners and stakeholders about our objectives and performance.

In summary, eCFO redefines financial management, guiding the business towards excellence and sustainable prosperity.

You can ask all your questions to our digital assistant on the site, contact the middle office or request a demo.

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