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We use Artificial Intelligence to optimize and track the Customer Capital of your intangible capital.
Launching a new product or service is a crucial step for any business. To succeed, it is essential to validate your assumptions, consolidate the value of your business and justify your value to investors.
ICV app TM is an innovative Testing Market solution that allows you to meet these three objectives. Our approach is based on an in-depth analysis of your company’s intangible capital, particularly customer capital.

OPTIMIZE your value to achieve your objectives

STRUCTURE your business to take a step forward and manage your value
EQUITY: Increase your equity in a European country
BUYER PERSONAE: Go to market with MVP
OPERATIONAL GUARANTEE: private equity and corporate clients
FINTECH: MICA or payment institution license in a European country

All our clients benefit from support from the Middle Office for monitoring.
You can request an expert from our front office depending on the chosen field and country:

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