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Our core business: intangible capital valuation

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Intangible Capital Value provides you with the ICV app to structure your business. Your Return On Investment is fast and digital and human-oriented work is a priority.
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From death valley to MVP

You want to take care of your business and take a step forward by structuring it. The method used is the one recognized by the funds.

Validate where you are and the solution that suits you.

The robustness of data and monitoring are inseparable to maintain our persuasiveness.
We operate Due Diligence reports or value opinions for important milestones with subscription.

To launch creation or ideation as the main valued asset and object of guarantee

Protect your innovations with a solid IP Plan!

All the services related to the patent and the drafting of the state of the art are not included. An estimate will be established after validation of your needs.

This monitoring is recommended as soon as you plan to invoice customers, issue letters of intent, sell a license, do co-development or share an innovation with a partner or subcontractor.

Scoring to optimize your business model and have a score to communicate to your partners. The method used integrates the degree of advancement of the technology, the existence of a potential market, the state of mind of the management team. You can share this flash scoring for an honor loan, a pre-seed fundraiser or love money.

Whether you are in Go To Product without KPI and with an innovation to protect or in Go To Market, our algorithms and methodologies are recognized. Dynamic scoring makes the data more reliable and integrates the weighting by operational risks and therefore the ability to bring out solutions.

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