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Intangible Capital Value

Our core business: intangible capital valuation

ICV app Testing Market – New 2024!

Revised Commercial Offer for Optimizing the ICV App Testing Market (ICV app TM)

To optimize the business model of your ICV app Testing Market and adjust pricing to quickly attract customers, adopt the following strategic axes:

1. Market Understanding and Segmentation

Objective: Identify and target the most promising market segments to maximize adoption and profitability.

  • In-depth Market Study: Use research tools to identify unmet needs and emerging trends. Analyze demographic, geographic, and behavioral data to segment your market.
  • Identification of Priority Segments: Prioritize market segments based on their adoption potential and profitability. Focus your marketing efforts on these segments to maximize impact.

2. Optimization of the Value Proposition

Objective: Refine your value proposition to precisely meet the needs of the target market.

  • User Feedback: Use beta testing and MVP (Minimum Viable Product) to gather valuable user feedback. Adjust and fine-tune your offer before a full launch.
  • Differentiation: Highlight the unique features of your application that set it apart from the competition. Clearly communicate your value proposition across all marketing channels.

3. Validation and Adjustment of the Economic Model

Objective: Test different revenue models to find the most profitable strategy.

  • Pricing Models: Experiment with different pricing models (subscription, freemium, pay-per-use) to determine which one maximizes your revenue while being attractive to customers.
  • Distribution Channels: Test various distribution channels to identify the most effective and profitable ones. This can include partnerships, direct sales, or online platforms.

4. Accelerating the “Go to Market”

Objective: Reduce the time required to launch your product on the market and quickly acquire market share.

  • Rapid Launch Strategy: Use targeted marketing campaigns to create anticipation and excitement before the launch. Ensure your product is ready to meet potentially high demand upon launch.
  • Continuous Adaptation: Be prepared to quickly adjust your product and marketing strategy based on market feedback and initial performance.

5. Generation of “Quick Cash”

Objective: Quickly generate revenue to finance your company’s growth.

  • Special Offers and Promotions: Implement limited-time promotional offers to quickly attract new customers and generate immediate revenue.
  • Rapid Monetization: Leverage application features that enable quick and efficient billing, improving the company’s cash flow.

6. Consolidation and Fundraising

Objective: Attract investors by proving the viability of your concept and presenting a solid case.

  • Investor Deck: Prepare a compelling investment dossier with concrete data on market size, potential profitability, and market test results.
  • Investor Pitch: Organize pitch sessions to present your project to potential investors. Use numbers and concrete cases to support your arguments.


  • Validate the above proposals


Connect the AI for hyper-personalized prospecting towards your ICP and objectives. You manage the prospecting via your social network.

  • ICV app TM Connect: €150
  • ICV app TM Avatar: €250 (limited stock)


Receive your appointments directly on your schedule. Manage sales, closing, and customer retention to consolidate the value of your intangible capital and client.

  • Rate: €550/month + €150/lead
  • Rate: €1000/month


• Assistance with sales and closing: €2500/month + variable
• Team of 1 to 10 avatars to increase your KPI in prospecting and your chances of signing contracts

For more details and to subscribe to our offers, contact us today!

To Subscribe: Validate the connection online with or without an avatar:
CONNECTION WITH AI: 150 euros / month
AVATAR: 250 euros / month
Guided Offer or Option: Subscription will be sent after the connection validation.



By adopting this optimized approach for your ICV app TM, you maximize your chances of success and profitability. By offering attractive and flexible deals, while ensuring expert support, you can quickly conclude contracts with your clients. If you have any further questions or if you would like personalized support to implement these strategies, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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