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Intangible Capital Value

Valuing the immaterial capital of your innovative company
Evaluate your startup in pre seed
How much to value your know-how or patent
To bring an immaterial guarantee
Give value to a DeepTech startup in Go To Product phase

YOU: do you need to value your immaterial capital

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There are more than 15 methods: which one is right for your company?

80% of the value is revealed by the analysis of the intangible capital which takes into account the Sweat Equity and the intellectual property.

Financial valuations are not sufficient and you want an intangible capital approach:

Definition – Valuation of the intangible


We have significant expertise in financing complex non-dilutive projects in the main European countries. If you wish to provide a guarantee, finance your working capital needs, finance your inventory or obtain financing for your innovations or export expenses: contact us for an eligibility test.

Bank debt

Our remuneration on this request is mainly on the result.

European Funds

List of funding in Europe

Increase or re-evaluation of the share capital

The share capital represents your contribution and to date, it does not reflect what you have contributed: by enhancing the value of the equity, we assist you in making possible the financing, the project or securing the consortium.

Do you want to deplane your financing, reassure your financial partners or boost your capital?

Protection of innovation

You have invested for several years and your investment appears in your accounts as a loss!

You want to stay ahead with more margin, a competitive advantage and arguments to finance yourself?

We protect your know-how with a trusted third party, on a private blockchain and a registration number to insert on your contracts written by your specialist lawyer.

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What does the valuation of my Intangible Capital allow me to do?

Increase your equity by contributing, under certain conditions, a valued patent to the capital of your company
Reduce the risk of dilution of the founders when investors enter the company
Prepare to negotiate in terms of fund raising, industrial and financial backing, merger, or even the total or partial sale of a company.
Patents and know-how, software, trademarks, designs, websites, domain names, etc. are valuable intangible assets. They significantly increase the financial value of your company.

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Your SAAS application for monitoring and justifying the fair value of your business.

Integrate intellectual property that we can protect worldwide while keeping cash for Go To Market.

Automated onboarding and a very fast ROI.

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