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Product Offer: Free Diagnostic and Short-Term Financing

Discover the value of our services before committing financially! As a fintech specialist, we offer an innovative and risk-free solution for companies looking to optimize their financial strategy. Our offer includes a range of free diagnostics followed by short-term financing solutions with success-based payment. Here’s how we can help:

Our Free Services

Debt Diagnostic

  • Objective: Identify debts to be financed and determine the optimal amount.
  • Advantage: Better management of your financial obligations with a precise offer based on cash flows rather than traditional bank balance sheets. We work with partners in different countries to adapt our solutions to local legislation.

Intangible Capital Valuation Diagnostic

  • Objective: Evaluate opportunities to value your intangible assets.
  • Advantage: Maximize the value of your company by highlighting your non-material assets such as intellectual property, brand, and know-how, which can attract investors and increase your market attractiveness.

IP Diagnostic: Pre-Audit

  • Objective: Assess the state of your intellectual property assets before a formal audit.
  • Advantage: Optimal protection of your innovations and creation of competitive advantages, thereby increasing your company’s value and securing your R&D investments.

Economic Intelligence Diagnostic: Setting Up EI

  • Objective: Assess your preparedness in economic intelligence.
  • Advantage: Improve your competitive position through proactive and secure management of strategic information, enabling you to make informed decisions and detect market opportunities ahead of your competitors.

Market Fit Diagnostic: Market Readiness Assessment

  • Objective: Determine your current positioning and readiness to acquire new customers.
  • Advantage: Optimize your go-to-market strategy, identify the most promising market segments, and adjust your marketing and sales tactics to increase your customer base and accelerate your growth.


To benefit from our free diagnostics, we ask our clients to provide:

  • A recent financial statement
  • A detailed list of debts and financial obligations
  • A description of intangible assets and intellectual property rights
  • Information on the current market and sales strategy

Concrete Examples of Deliverables

Debt Diagnostic:

Example: A tech startup with predictable cash flows receives a pre-financing agreement based on its future cash flows rather than its balance sheet, allowing for refinancing of €300,000 at a reduced interest rate, saving €20,000 per year on interest costs.

Intangible Capital Valuation Diagnostic:

Example: An innovative SME receives an evaluation of its intangible assets revealing an additional value of €1 million, attracting a new investor and significantly increasing the company’s valuation during fundraising.

IP Diagnostic:

Example: A biotech company benefits from a pre-audit of its patents and intellectual property rights, identifying gaps in protection and opportunities to strengthen its IP assets, increasing their value by €500,000.

Economic Intelligence Diagnostic:

Example: An industrial SME improves its economic intelligence posture, enabling it to detect a market opportunity in Asia ahead of its competitors, increasing its market share in the region by 15%.

Market Fit Diagnostic:

Example: A SaaS startup receives a detailed analysis of its market fit, including recommendations to adjust its marketing and sales approach, resulting in a 25% increase in customer conversion rates within six months of implementing the suggestions.

Short-Term Financing with Success-Based Payment

After the diagnostic phase, we offer short-term financing solutions tailored to your specific needs. With our success-based payment model, you benefit from our services without initial financial risk: you only pay when results are achieved. This approach ensures efficient resource management and peace of mind.

Why Choose Our Services?

  • Transparency and Trust: Honest and transparent evaluations.
  • Expertise and Experience: Specialized team in fintech and financing.
  • Personalized Approach: Diagnostics tailored to your company.
  • Added Value: Understand the value of our solutions before any financial commitment.
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