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Intangible Capital Value

Our core business: intangible capital valuation

Elevate Your Business Value with eCFO VBM: Strategic Management for Sustainable Growth

Definition of Value Business Management (VBM) and Identifying Needs

Value Business Management (VBM) is a strategic approach aimed at maximizing the company’s value for its shareholders by aligning resources, processes, and decisions with value creation objectives. At eCFO, we help businesses identify their VBM needs by analyzing their current performance, strategic goals, and growth opportunities.
We use financial indicators and in-depth analyses to understand your company’s strengths and weaknesses, and to determine the areas where VBM can generate the most value.

Why Choose the VBM Option?

Opting for VBM with eCFO means:


  • Maximizing Value Creation: Our VBM strategies help you optimize resources and maximize profits while ensuring sustainable growth.
  • Strategic Alignment: We ensure that all levels of your company are aligned with value creation objectives, avoiding conflicts of interest and inefficiencies.
  • Risk Management: We integrate rigorous risk management to protect your investments and ensure balanced decision-making.
  • Impact Measurement: We provide tools to measure the impact of our strategies on your company’s intangible value.

How to Use Value Business Management with eCFO?

  1. Needs Validation: Start by validating your specific needs with a precise objective. Define what you want to achieve in terms of value creation and identify the necessary resources in your country or in Europe.
  2. ICV Network: Through our ICV network, we support you in the front office, connecting you with the experts and resources needed to achieve your goals.
  3. Request a Quote and Planning: Request a quote and a detailed plan covering several quarters or the mission duration. We will provide a precise plan to achieve your VBM objectives, with clear steps and impact measures.
  4. Impact Measurement: Use tools like the ICV App to measure the impact of our strategies on your company’s intangible value. These tools allow you to track progress and adjust strategies based on the results obtained.

Impact of eCFO VBM on the Valuation of Intangible Capital

Valuing intangible capital, such as brand reputation, customer relationships, intellectual property, and human capital, is crucial for your company’s long-term success. eCFO VBM positively impacts these elements in several ways:

  • Improvement of Brand Reputation: By optimizing internal processes and aligning strategies with value creation, eCFO helps strengthen your brand’s reputation. Effective value management can lead to greater recognition and customer loyalty.
  • Strengthening Customer Relationships: Our strategies include improving customer experience and loyalty, which increases the value of customer relationships and their contribution to the company’s overall value.
  • Valuing Intellectual Property: Through strategic management, we maximize the use and protection of your intellectual assets, thus increasing their contribution to the company’s value.
  • Human Capital Development: By aligning company objectives with those of employees, we foster a more productive and innovative work environment, thereby increasing the value of human capital.

What Does eCFO Value Business Management Concretely Do?

  • Startups: For startups, eCFO VBM helps structure and optimize resources from the beginning, maximizing chances of success and rapid growth while ensuring rigorous management of risks and resources.
  • Innovative SMEs: For innovative SMEs, our strategies maximize returns on R&D investments and align development initiatives with value creation goals.
  • Mid-sized Enterprises: For mid-sized companies, eCFO VBM helps align different departments and optimize internal processes for better efficiency and sustained growth.
  • Investment Funds: For investment funds, eCFO VBM provides tools to evaluate the performance of portfolio companies and maximize exit value by identifying and leveraging value creation levers.

Mini Quiz: Validate Your Need for VBM with eCFO

Answer the following questions to determine if eCFO VBM is the ideal solution for your company:

    Do you have a clear strategy to maximize your company’s intangible value?

    Do you currently use financial indicators such as NPV, IRR, and EVA to evaluate performance and guide your decisions?

    Are your objectives aligned at all levels of your company, from shareholders to employees?

    Have you identified areas where value-based management could generate significant growth?

    Do you have tools to measure the impact of your strategies on your company’s intangible value?

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    Why Use eCFO?

    By choosing eCFO for your value-based management, you benefit from our deep expertise and network of specialized partners. We provide you with customized strategies and advanced tools to maximize your company’s intangible value.

    Contact Us Today!

    For any questions or to learn more about our services, visit our digital assistant on our website, contact our middle office, or request a demonstration now. Transform your financial strategy with eCFO and lead your company towards excellence and sustainable prosperity.

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