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Intangible Capital Value

Our core business: intangible capital valuation

Due Diligence valuation dynamique


    (a payment of 1euro by credit card may be requested to validate your identity)


    (a payment of 1euro by credit card can be requested to validate your identity)

    Quality of Request:
    Are you the representative of the company?

    You want to check if you or your client is protecting its fair value according to the financial, intellectual property and economic intelligence doctrines.

    Procedure: KYC self-certification and sending the certificate

    and wish to validate for your due diligence: we send you an electronic certificate within 48 hours (back office validation)

    Capital Immaterel is under monitoring and available information: audit right, continuity plan and insurance

    Procedure for securing intellectual property (Copyright Berne Convention or DIRECTIVE (EU) 2016/943 OF THE EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT AND OF THE COUNCIL)

    Contratheque: modification of the clauses and approvals for the maintenance of the activity


    COMPANY TITLE: Due Diligence on fair value

    Verify the validity of your deposit number International Identifier of Digital Works (45 years of experience)
    Proving authorship
    Depositing software source code with a trusted third party, provides irrefutable proof of origin to protect against copyright infringement.

    Reassure a client or investor

    A repository of commercially valuable information or code is an indication that your organization is aware of the importance and value of intellectual property rights. Your customers and investors will definitely appreciate this.

    Your data is safe

    With over 45 years of legal and IT expertise, servers based in Europe and encryption using the AES 256 algorithm, you can trust us with your data.

    OPTION : Depositary of your escrow Agrement

    With our French institutional partner

    As an investor (VC, PE, Family Office)

    Reduce your investment risks by evaluating the technology of the companies you want to acquire.
    Identify potential vulnerabilities and risks associated with the use of open source software.
    Get essential information and recommendations on the technology you want to invest in and improve your decision making.

    As a software provider or their customer

    Add value to your technology by reducing IP and cybersecurity risks.
    Comply with the regulatory framework.
    Manage open source licenses, mitigate security risks, and facilitate growth, including raising capital.
    Get critical information about the software or system you plan to use to improve your vendor selection process.

    Additionally, the procedure also provides for the immediate termination of middle office access and all your tracking:

    • of value and deletion of the due diligence database available to funders
    • open data on the ability to generate Ebitda
    • operational risk and the possibility of covering the value with insurance
    • communication with ICV IT of intangible data for value management
    • the robustness of the data for the valuation cannot be validated

    In case of a negative response for the company: the rating is automatically downgraded. The company can check the rating of the central bank, credit insurers whatever its size for the granting of financing and customer and supplier guarantees.

    You can update your data and request a re-evaluation of your rating at any time: ICV app KYC, Bank or Credit Insurer

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