Fundraising is the process of calling on financial players to invest in the capital of a company. If you own a startup, this process is inevitable. Here, we are going to take a closer look at what happens after the fundraising by explaining the different steps to...

Sweat Equity: What is it?

Dernière modification le 28/11/2022 à 09:26 par Kate GrissThe start-up of a start-up is always complicated, especially due to cash shortages. In such circumstances, it is indeed difficult to make a company prosper, as the manager does not necessarily have the...

BSA-AIR to finance startups

Startups that do not want to evaluate their value right away can use BSA-AIR to finance themselves. How does this financing method work? The principle of BSA-AIR The BSA-AIR are securities, which give access to the share capital of a company in a deferred way. They...
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