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Intangible Capital Value

Our core business: intangible capital valuation

Intangible Capital Value: who are we?

At Intangible Capital Value, we’ve been helping entrepreneurs since 2015. Our core business? The valuation of intangible capital! More precisely, we evaluate the growth potential of startups, with the objective of enabling them to grow simply and quickly. To do this, we base ourselves on three criteria:


  • Evaluation
    We help you develop your startup (know-how, intangible capital, intellectual property) to make it unique.
  • Monitoring
    Intangible Capital Value follows and evaluates your company closely.
  • Scaling up
    We improve the organization, the structure… of the company with one goal: to generate profitability.

Our organization

Our agency Intangible Capital Value (ICV) was created in 2015 by Erwan Coatnoan de Kerdu. It works mainly in middle and back office with closed offices. Intangible Capital Value is the parent company that handles everything related to strategy, coordination, finance, client care, research and development, and applications

ICV app

ICV app research

We work with subsidiaries and many trusted partnerships to ensure quality services.

To accommodate our customers, we have two offices in Europe: Luxembourg & Talinn – Vilnius.

We support you all over the world and have long-standing partners or associates in France, Switzerland, Spain, the Baltic States, as well as in Singapore and Hong Kong.

Our subsidiaries and partnerships

At Intangible Capital Value, we have partnered with

myICV with ICV IT, ICV Go To Market, ICV Facilities to optimize our services.

Our various partnerships aim to help small, unstructured startups with low revenues to acquire larger customers and ensure better scalability. To do this, we have set up a partnership

ICV IT is piloting the myICV and Oracle partnership with Soho Media Solutions (software publisher), a specialist in real-time data processing, as well as with a renowned law firm, Ydès Avocats, and Kosmo for communication.

As far as grant applications are concerned, we work with a team of expert consultants depending on the country: we provide a complete service from the validation of the need to the follow-up of the project and the implementation of the prerequisites in Europe.

Our team

Intangible Capital Value designed and created by : 


  • Erwan Coatnoan de Kerdu
    This intangible capital expert is the head of Intangible Capital Value. His extensive experience as head of the European Office of Economic Intelligence and the Institute for Research Funding in France allows him to accompany startups in their growth with great precision.

Intangible Capital Value in brief

Intangible Capital Value has scored more than 6,000 companies in over 7 years.

Its remuneration model is adapted to the innovative SME.

Our online offers are very detailed in order to guarantee their comprehension, and, of course, we do not carry out any mission without your agreement.

By using the services of our agency Intangible Capital Value, you will benefit from an optimal accompaniment and from our perfect knowledge of the needs and problems of the company manager.


  • Guillaume Delannoy
    This information systems expert puts all his experience at the service of clients in order to make companies prosper (notably through adequate strategic perspectives).
    The Intangible Capital Value agency also has a team of passionate professionals:
  • Alain Helf, product owner
  • Karine Touati, marketing consultant
  • Didier Lasnier, data architect
  • Jacky Ghys, UI/UX designer
  • Léopold Huguenin, scrum master

And our partners

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