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Intangible Capital Value

Our core business: intangible capital valuation

Intangible Capital Value: who are we?

ICV and You

At Intangible Capital Value, we’ve been helping entrepreneurs since 2015. Our core business? The valuation of intangible capital! Specifically, we evaluate the growth potential of startups, with the goal of enabling them to grow simply and quickly. To do this, we base ourselves on three criteria:


We help you develop your startup (know-how, intangible capital, intellectual property) to make it unique.


Intangible Capital Value monitors and evaluates your company.
Scaling upWe improve the organization, the structure… of the company with one objective: generate profitability.

Intangible Capital Value in brief

Intangible Capital Value has evaluated more than 6,000 companies in over 7 years.
Its compensation model is adapted to the innovative SME.
Our online offers are very detailed to ensure that they are understandable and, of course, we do not carry out any mission without youragreement.
By calling on the services of our agency Intangible Capital Value, you will benefit from an optimal accompaniment and our perfect knowledge of the needs and problems of the company manager.


The founder Erwan Coatnoan de Kerdu

This intangible capital expert manages the Intangible Capital Value website: his long experience at the head of the European Bureau of Economic Intelligence and the Institute for Research Funding in France allows him to accompany startups in their daily growth and the dedicated teams. The internal organization is simple and client-oriented with a back office dedicated to the appraisal, the drafting of reports and the validation of the Middle Office. The Middle Office is responsible for the day-to-day follow-up, customer satisfaction and acts as a real interface between the front office and the customer.

Intangible Capital Value

The company’s strength lies in its ability to provide a startup or SME investing in R&D with a fully digital solution to structure, manage and communicate. A SAAS solution for each client, a strong and recognized expertise on the valuation of intellectual property and a perfect knowledge of the needs of the manager. The measurable gain is made in 3 months.

Internal back-office of the group

  • Validation of prerequisites
  • Processing of files
  • ICV app and ICV app Search update
  • Filing of intellectual passports

Middle Office – customer satisfaction

  • Level 1 technical assistance
  • New Business Committee: Preparation
  • Monday COPIL: presentation of requests
  • Calendly : assistance to subscribers


ICV Facilities: external financial manager

  • Front Office Europe
  • According to your sector of activity, your area and the language spoken
  • Countries
    • France, Benelux, United Kingdom, Poland, Lithuania, Estonia, Spain.

myICV more than 50 people

Companies under myICV license are legally independent.

To check if the company is up to date with its Intangible Capital Value license: our KYC platform is available. Button

You are at the end of Go To Product and approaching or accelerating your Go To Market. You can check your needs (when/how…) and we will provide you with concrete and timely solutions with a quick return on investment to help you.

MyICV’s subsidiaries and partnerships

myICV brings together multidisciplinary teams for IT, legal, business and financial aspects and a database of more than 12,000 experts worldwide (state of the art, expertise…).

Applications for innovation financing, bank financing, loan funds, etc. are handled by a local consultant according to licenses and regulations to maximize your chances of success and compliance with legislation.

For grant applications, we work with a team of expert consultants depending on the country: we provide a complete service from the validation of the need to the follow-up of the project and the implementation of the prerequisites in Europe.



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