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Intangible Capital Value

Our core business: intangible capital valuation
startup intangible valuation

Presentation of Intangible Capital Value


Intangible Capital Value is a company dedicated to assessing the intangible assets of startups and beyond. Since 2014, we have been assisting entrepreneurs by valuing their expertise, intangible capital, and intellectual property. Founded by Erwan Coatnoan de Kerdu, a recognized expert in this field both in France and internationally, our company today employs seven staff members and is implanted in France, Poland, the UK, Luxembourg, Sweden, and Estonia.

We specialize in a comprehensive range of services designed to enhance the value of intangible assets. Our services include attracting investors, negotiating financing, optimizing tax strategies, and protecting trade secrets. We provide tailored expertise to meet the unique needs of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and innovative startups, ensuring they maximize their intangible capital value. Additionally, our Value Business Management solutions further support these businesses in achieving sustainable growth and competitive advantage.

History and Development

Erwan Coatnoan de Kerdu has extensive experience in economic intelligence, having led the European Bureau of Economic Intelligence and the Institute for Research Funding in France. In 2012, he contributed to the regional economic intelligence plan for the protection of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in Île-de-France. In response to the expansion of startups across Europe, we opened an office in Luxembourg in 2015 and in the United Kingdom in 2020. We also maintain a permanent research and development center and closely collaborate with strategic partners throughout Europe.


ICV App: Simplified Web App for Managing Intangible Assets

ICV App is a streamlined web application designed to manage the value of your intangible assets effectively. Using a three-tiered system, it offers comprehensive services in a Software as a Service (SaaS) model:

1. Back-office:

This core layer manages and updates the platform’s content and features continuously. It provides the technical support necessary to keep the platform running smoothly, ensuring that you always have access to the latest tools and information.

2. Middle-office:

Focused on daily monitoring, this layer offers personalized support and regular activity reports to help you maximize the use of the platform. A team of specialists is available to answer your queries and provide tailored assistance.

3. Front-office:

Here, you receive direct access to expert advice on managing and protecting your intangible assets. This tier helps you navigate best practices for asset management, from securing funding for your projects to protecting your innovations.

The ICV App is an essential resource for achieving your business objectives, providing tiered support to ensure you have the guidance and tools needed for success.

Our Mission and Values

Our mission is to facilitate private investments by improving transparency in the evaluation of unlisted companies. We are committed to excellence, empathy, sustainability, and human respect, and we dedicate ourselves to providing personalized, affordable, client-centered services. Our independence ensures objective evaluations, essential for our diverse clients.

Why Choose Intangible Capital Value?

We are recognized for our expertise in assessing and protecting intangible capital, using proven and certified methods. Client satisfaction and confidentiality are paramount, and we employ OSINT techniques to collect information while safeguarding their privacy.

In conclusion, Intangible Capital Value is your partner of choice for assessing and maximizing the intangible capital of your business, with an approach that emphasizes customization, expertise, and integrity.

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