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This site is designed for an informed public in order to simplify and digitize your monitoring of capital assets.

For a better comfort: use the Web version and a consultant adapted to your needs and member of our network on simple request.


Intangible Capital Value

Valuation of the company and startup with the consideration of intellectual property protected on a blockchain.
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What is Intangible Capital and why is it important?

You wish to value your company to take into account your know-how in the calculation, to argue in front of the investors, to bring a guarantee, to differentiate you to launch your product or service or quite simply to communicate!

Your budget must take into account the market price for a scoring charged from 0 to 250 EUR then the financial valuation 200 to 500 EUR which can be automated online and to have an evaluation then an extra financial valuation report which can cost up to 80 000 euros.

valuation. Capital allows you to find all the necessary documents, to find the right person to listen to you, to ask questions on the chat and in your country or anywhere in Europe. Whatever your need: you have a solution here!

Which takes into account the intellectual property and data

This is an innovation site to take the mental load off your shoulders

This site allows you to concentrate information in order to save time and to decide with confidence despite the complexity of the work of valuation of immaterial capital. We will update the site on a regular basis according to your customer experience and make you happy!


Up to how much of your company's value could be locked behind its Intangible Capital?

What does the valuation of my Intangible Capital allow me to do?

Increase your equity by contributing, under certain conditions, a valued patent to the capital of your company
Reduce the risk of dilution of the founders when investors enter the company
Prepare to negotiate in terms of fund raising, industrial and financial backing, merger, or even the total or partial sale of a company.
Patents and know-how, software, trademarks, designs, websites, domain names, etc. are valuable intangible assets. They significantly increase the financial value of your company.


Intangible capital & the laboratory notebook: its role and functions

Considerations to be made when valuing your company


How do I value a patent, a brand, software, a copyright or know-how?


At what price should I sell my patent, a license, my trademark, my domain name or my software?


Under what conditions can the financial valuation of my industrial property titles increase the equity of my company?


Why, when, how and with whom should I value my company?


How to anticipate a fund raising ?


How to estimate the value of my intangible assets?


What is a contribution in kind?


How to value it?


Should I be accompanied in the process of valuing my intangible assets?

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