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Intangible Capital Value

Valuing your innovative company, your startup,
Evaluate your patent or know-how
To bring an immaterial guarantee

What is Intangible Capital and why is it important?

ICV app: your SAAS application, our middle office for support and back office for instruction
Why become a client: you want to be supported and have a quick measurable Return On Investment.

To be a customer at ICV: you have to detect a need (Flight Plan) and we have digitized the valuation which becomes
dynamic to take into account the fluctuation of value and the evolution of KPI (key performance indicator).

What does the valuation of my Intangible Capital allow me to do?

Increase your equity by contributing, under certain conditions, a valued patent to the capital of your company
Reduce the risk of dilution of the founders when investors enter the company
Prepare to negotiate in terms of fund raising, industrial and financial backing, merger, or even the total or partial sale of a company.
Patents and know-how, software, trademarks, designs, websites, domain names, etc. are valuable intangible assets. They significantly increase the financial value of your company.
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